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Dr. Yin Wang's Multimodal Social Neuroscience (MSN) laboratory at Beijing Normal University aims to uncover the cognitive and brain mechanisms which allow us to interact with our social world, and also to understand how these mechanisms are compromised in people with social difficulties.

The lab is currently studying the following questions: (1) What constitutes human social intelligence? How do social and non-social processes work together during social interaction, and how different brain networks interact during complex social processing? (2) What are the fine-grained neural architectures of brain connectome for social cognition and how do they develop and decline across the life and disrupt in social disorders? (3) What cognitive and brain features determine individual variation of interpersonal traits and social skills? (4) How are abstract social knowledge and complex social norms acquired, represented, and stored in the brain? To address these questions, we use a variety of methods including psychophysics, eye-tracking, motion capture, online experiments, smartphone app, virtual reality, network analysis, computational modelling, and neuroimaging techniques (e.g. structural, functional and diffusion MRI).



Director : 1Dr. Yin Wang

Address : 1Room 319, fMRI Building, 1 1

Address : 1Beijing Normal University,

Address : 1Beijing, China

Email : yin.wang@bnu.edu.cn